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Home of more Minnesota State Champions than any other District in the State!

We Take Great Pride in our Legion Baseball on the East Side!

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Tools / Info for Coaches:

St. Paul Municipal Athletics:
Umpire Schedule & Handbook
General Info (Athletics Home Page)
2011 Statewide Staff Directory & Player Eligibility Summary
2011 List of Area Schools/Enrollments & Base-School Teams
District 4 School Attendance Boundary Info and School District Maps:
St. Paul School Attend. Boundaries (click on a school name for map)
St. Paul Schools: Other Maps
Roseville School Dist Map Page
White Bear School Dist Map Page
(map that includes elem. school boundaries has better street detail)
NSP/Mplwd/Oakdale Dist Map Pg (use bound. brochure for quick ref.)
Mounds View School Dist Map Pg
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2011 District Contact List
2011 District Rules


Current Season Schedule & Results

2011 League Schedule
Updated periodically with
Scores and Schedule Changes
(Updated 7/18/11)

Note to Friends/Fans: Although provided to them, the St. Paul paper has not been publishing the daily game schedule, citing lack of space. We anticipate the same this year. If you, as a newspaper subscriber, find this disappointing, please contact the newspaper to express your opinion.

The above schedule is not updated on an hour-to-hour basis to reflect last minute scheule changes, postponements due to weather, etc. Therefore, for the most up-to-date schedule information, contact the applicable team directly.

Season Notes & Announcementsx

Tri-City Red Golf Outing
Friday, August 5, 2011
(Dinner & Silent Auction to follow golf.)
Oak Marsh Golf Course in Oakdale

Multiple ways to participate!
1) Come to Golf; 2) Come to Golf and have Dinner; 3) Come for Dinner Only; 4) Sponsor a Hole;
5) Make a Contribution or Donate Goods for Raffle/Silent Auction.

Hole Sponsorship / Donation Plege Form

For more information, contact Rus Poser
or event coordinator,
Katie Braid, 651-343-3000.


St. Paul Baseball Old Timers
Benefit Baseball Game

Sunday, August 14, 2011
1:15 p.m.
Midway Stadium

Come out to Midway and help the Old Timers support Our Lady of Peace Home in St. Paul (formerly Our Lady of Good Counsel Home), which provides end-of-life care for individuals with limited financial resources.

Raffles tickets for cash prizes will also be available during the game (need not be present to win).

So, stop out to Midway, buy a few raffle tickets, and have a great time, while supporting a worthy cause!

For further information (including information on how to join the St. Paul Baseball Old Timers club, see the Baseball Old Timers' web page.

Also, download the fundraising letter on the event and pass it along to friends and acquaintances!


Season Standings

4th District American Legion Baseball
FINAL League Standings
Through Sunday, 7/17/11
Place Team Win Loss Percent GB LTP
1 Maplewood Green 13 3 .813 -- 0
2 Tri-City Red (4) 11 5 .688 2.0 0
3 White Bear Orange (4) 11 5 .688 2.0 0
4 North St. Paul 9 7 .563 4.0 0
5 Hamline Purple 8 8 .500 5.0 0
6 Rosetown 7 9 .438 6.0 0
7 Tri-City Maroon 5 11 .313 8.0 0
8 Arcade-Phalen (1) 4 12 .250 9.0 0
9 Hamline Red (1) 4 12 .250 9.0 0
Tie-Breakers: (1) Head-to-head; (2) Least RA/innings played in head-to-head games; (3) Most RS/innings played in head-to-head games; (4) Coin flip.

State and National Tournament Info

2011 85th Annual MN Division I State Tournament:
- Hosted by Eden Prairie
- Team Reporting & Banquet: Thursday, July 28
- Games: Friday, July 29- Monday, August 1

2011 Central Plains Region 6 Tournament:
- Hosted by Dickinson, ND
- August 4 - August 8

2011 86th Annual ALB World Series
- Hosted by Shelby, NC
- August 12 - August 16

Attention, Coaches!!
2011 District Deadlines:

All teams must register for 2011 by completing their Team Application on the National site by May 15th.

Team Insurance must be in force by date of first practice, or June 1st, whichever is earlier.

All Team Rosters, Form 2's, Form 76's, Form 77's, and Double-Rostered Player Lists must be in Gail's hands no later than June 13.

Team rosters must be submitted "as final" on the National System by June 20.


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Team / Staff Directory

4th District League Directors:
Gail Kalata
Patrick Meyer

2011 Participating Teams (Printable District 4 Team Contact List Coming Soon)

Team / Sponsor
Click on Team name for team web site. Click on Post name for Post web site
Base School
(basis for player recruiting)
Primary Contact(s) Roster/Schedule (if supplied)
Arcade-Phalen /
Arcade-Phalen Post #577
St. Paul Johnson High School Tony Zahradka, Head Coach,
Russ Zahradka, Team Manager
Hamline Red /
Hamline American Legion Post #418
St. Paul Highland Park High School Jesse Lopez, Head Coach,
Mike Brown, Business Manager
See team web site.
Hamline Purple /
Hamline American Legion Post #418
Cretin Derham Hall Tony Leseman, Head Coach,
Mike Brown, Business Manager
See team web site.
Maplewood Green /
3M Post #599
Hill-Murray High School Tom Quinlan, Manager & Head Coach  
North St. Paul /
North Saint Post #39
North High School (NSP) Ron Adams, Manager & Head Coach Roster
Rosetown /
Rosetown Memorial Post #542
Roseville High School Jesse Lopez,, Head Coach See team web site.
Tri-City Maroon /
Tri-City American Legion Post #513
Irondale High School Noah Nesler, Manager & Head Coach  
Tri-City Red /
Tri-City American Legion Post #513
Mounds View High School Rus Poser, Manager & Head Coach See team web site.
White Bear White /
WBL American Legion Post #168
White Bear Lake High School Pete Bothum, Head Coach
Joe Janitschke, Team Manager
Note: Not participating in 2011.
White Bear Orange /
WBL Baseball Boosters
White Bear Lake High School Jeff Wagner, Manager & Head Coach  

For general information regarding American Legion Baseball
and player eligibility, please feel free to review the information

available on the
MN American Legion Baseball Home Page.

For help in determining the American Legion Baseball team for
which you are eligible to play, please
contact us.

For a complete list of registered teams in Minnesota, visit the
National American Legion Team Directory.


Field Locations

Note: Several of these links point to the school's home page (with address and map)
on the Minnesota State High School League web site.


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2011 District Tournament Information

View and/or Print a 2011 4th District Tournament Bracket
(To return to this page, use the "back" button on your Internet Browser.)

District 4 Championship Tournament Game Schedule
(9 inning games; Winner represents the 4th District in the State Tournament)
Check with your team in the event of rain for the most up-to-date information.

Game #/Date Team Score vs. Team Score at Field
Single Elimination Play-in Game
1 - Monday, July 18, 2011 Hamline Red 13 Arcade-Phalen (9 innings) 3 6:00 pm, Midway Stadium
Double Elimination Tournament
1 - Tuesday, July 19, 2011 Hamline Purple (#5) 7 North St. Paul (#4) 6 5:00 pm, North St. Paul
2 - Tuesday, July 19, 2011 Rosetown (#6) 14 White Bear Orange (#3) 5 5:00 pm, Midway Stadium
3 - Tuesday, July 19, 2011 Tri-City Maroon (#7) 2 Tri-City Red (#2) 3 8:00 pm, Midway Stadium
4 - Tuesday, July 19, 2011 Hamline Red (#8) 5 Maplewood Green (#1) 6 8:00 pm, North St. Paul
5 - Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Loser of Game 3 - Tri-City Maroon (eliminated) 4 Loser of Game 2 - White Bear Orange 8 5:00 pm, Midway Stadium
6 - Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Loser of Game 4 - Hamline Red (eliminated) 1 Loser of Game 1 - North St. Paul 3 5:00 pm, North St. Paul
7 - Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Winner of Game 2 - Rosetown 3 Winner of Game 3 - Tri-City Red 9 8:00 pm, Midway Stadium
8 - Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Winner of Game 1 - Hamline Purple 3 Winner of Game 4 - Maplewood Green 6 8:00 pm, North St. Paul
9 - Thursday, July 21, 2011 Winner of Game 6 - North St. Paul 8 Loser of Game 7 - Rosetown (eliminated) 7 5:00 pm, North St. Paul
10-Thursday, July 21, 2011 Winner of Game 5 - White Bear Orange (elim) 7 Loser of Game 8 - Hamline Purple 9 5:00 pm, Midway Stadium
11-Thursday, July 21, 2011 Winner of Game 7 - Tri-City Red 2 Winner of Game 8 - Maplewood Green 3 8:00 pm, Midway Stadium
12-Friday, July 22, 2011 Winner of Game 10 - Hamline Purple 7 Winner of Game 9 - North St. Paul 10 5:00 pm, North St. Paul
13-Friday, July 22, 2011 Winner of Game 12 - North St. Paul 7 Loser of Game 11 - Tri-City Red 6 8:00 pm, North St. Paul
14-Saturday, July 23, 2011 Winner of Game 13 - North St. Paul (7 inn.) 1 Winner of Game 11 - Maplewood Green 13 12:30 p.m., North St. Paul (championship)
15-Saturday, July 23, 2011, if nec. Loser of Game 14 - NOT NECESSARY   Winner of Game 14 - NOT NECESSARY   3:30 pm, North St. Paul, if necessary
Tournament Notes: CONGRATULATIONS to Maplewood Green and to all other participants in the 2011 4th District American Legion Baseball season!

State and National Tournament Information:

MN American Legion Baseball Home Page

MN State Tournament Home Page

Information on Other District Tournaments

Some of the below are actual documents (which may or may not be updated with scores);
Some of the below are links to brackets that are located on other sites -- which will be updated with scores.

2011 1st District Tournament Bracket
(Southeast Minnesota)
2011 2nd District Tournament Bracket
(Southwest Minnesota)
2011 3rd District Tournament Bracket
(NE-SE-SW Metro)
  2011 6th District Tournament Bracket
(Central Minnesota)
2011 8th District Tournament Bracket
(Northeast Minnesota)
2011 9th District Tournament Bracket
(Northwest Minnesota)
2011 10th District Tournament Schedule
(West/North Metro)


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Post Season Events & Awards

The 2011 4th District Banquet was held on Monday, July 25th.

2011 District MVP:
(Honorees Announced at 4th District Banquet at end of regular season)
4th District MVP is Honored each year at the
St. Paul Old-Timer's Hot Stove League Banquet

Robert Youngdahl Maplewood Green Pitcher, Outfield (CF)

2011 Team MVP's:

Arcade-Phalen Zach Lopez, #7
Hamline Purple Bob Kinne, #9
Hamline Red Tom Paulson, #18
Maplewood Green Robert Youngdahl, #13
North St. Paul Jackson Goplen, #17
Rosetown Ryan Busch, #17
Tri-City Maroon Jim Gjere, #33
Tri-City Red Nik Anderson, #1
White Bear Orange Matt Seiler, #2

2011 Coaches Choice Award:
(for outstanding leadership and assistance to coaching staff)

Arcade-Phalen Scott Palma, #19
Hamline Purple Alex Evenson, #5
Hamline Red Eric Ducker, #5
Maplewood Green Matt Schwartz, #1
North St. Paul Jake Larson, #16
Rosetown Tim Truninger, #9
Tri-City Maroon Aaron Starr, #7
Tri-City Red Derek Ruff, #11
White Bear Orange Sean Fitzpatrick, #12

2011 All District Team:
(Announced at 4th District Banquet)

Arcade Phalen Zach Lopez, #7; Chris Erickson, #5
Hamline Purple Bob Kinne, #9; Chris Keys #11
Hamline Red Eric Ducker, #5; Zac Meyer, #10
Maplewood Green Robert Youngdahl, #13; Luc Henke, #2; Connor McCallum, #7; Alex Toninato, #20; Nick Elemes, #9
North St. Paul Jackson Goplen, #17; Ryan Nicolai, #18; Colin Felhaber, #21
Rosetown Ryan Busch, #17; Eden Cranston, #29
Tri-City Maroon Jim Gjere, #33; ; Mark Stasson, #1
Tri-City Red Nik Anderson, #1; Matt Kruger, #21; Jake Hanzalik, #9, Matt Wilson, #25
White Bear Orange Matt Seiler, #2; Colton Smit, #9; Ben Clark, #3

2011 Jim Bass Award
(Coach of the Year)
This award was presented for the first time in 2010. Jim Bass was a legendary coach on the East Side of St. Paul,
who was heavily involved in coaching many youth sports, in addition to baseball. Awarded the Purple Heart for service to his country in
Vietnam (wounded three separate times), his injuries ultimately led to significant health problems, resulting in his premature death at the age
of 58 in 2000. As Manager and Head Coach of the Arcade-Phalen American Legion Baseball team, Jim led the team to a State Championship title
in 1979, a State Runner-up title in 1980, as well as numerous 4th District Championships during his tenure.

4th District Coaches determine the recipient of this award through a blind vote.;
the honor of receiving this award signifies the great respect held for a coach by his peers --
for his service to his players, his community, and the game in general, both on and off the field.

Tom Quinlan Maplewood Green


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Past-Season Archives

Prior Year 4th District Results

(Printable Versions of the Following are Coming Soon!)

4th District League & Tournament Winners, by Year


League Winner

League Record

League Runner-Up, Record

League Record  

Tournament Winner

Tourn. Record

Tournament Runner-Up

Tourn. Record
2010   North St. Paul 13.5-2.5 Tri-City Red 11-5   North St. Paul 4-0 Rosetown 3-2
2009   Hamline Purple 13-3 North St. Paul 12.5-3.5   Hamline Purple 4-0 North St. Paul 3-2
2008   Tri-City Red 19-2 North St. Paul 18-3   North St. Paul 4-1 Hamline Purple 3-2
2007   Tri-City Red 15-3 North St. Paul 13-5   Tri-City Red 3-0 North St. Paul 3-2
2006   Tri-City Red 17-1 Rosetown 12-6   Hamline 4-0 Tri-City Red 2-2
2005   Tri-City Red 14-3 Hamline 12-6   Tri-City Red 3-0 Hamline 3-2
2004   Rosetown 9-3 Hamline 7-5   Tri-City Red 5-1 Rosetown 2-2
2003   North St. Paul 11-1 Rosetown 8-4   Tri-City Red 5-1 North St. Paul 2-2
2002   Tri-City Red 13-3 North St. Paul 14-4   North St. Paul 4-1 Tri-City Red 3-2
2001   Rosetown 8-4 North St. Paul 9-5   Hamline 4-1 North End  
2000   Tri-City Red 13-3 North St. Paul 11-5   Tri-City Red      
1999   Tri-City Red 17-1 North St. Paul 14-4   Tri-City Red      
1998   Hamline* 11-2 North St. Paul* 11-2   Tri-City Red      
1997   Hamline 13-3 Tri-City Red 12-3   Tri-City Red      
1996   Tri-City Red 15-1 Hamline     Hamline      
1995   Tri-City Red 11-3 North St. Paul 10-4   Rosetown      
1994   Tri-City Red 15-1 North St. Paul 13-3   Tri-City Red      
1993   North St. Paul* 13-3 Tri-City Red* 13-3   Tri-City Red 4-1 White Bear 4-2
1992   Tri-City Red 15-1 North St. Paul 11-5   Rosetown   Tri-City Red  
1991   Hamline 13-3 Tri-City Red 11-5   Hamline   Rosetown  
1990   North St. Paul 13-3 Hamline     Hamline 5-1 Rosetown 4-2

4th District League & Tournament Winners, by Year

The 4th District MVP is honored each year at the St. Paul Old Timer's Hot Stove League Banquet.

Year Player Team Position(s)
2010 Jesse Nickols Tri-City Red Outfield, Pitcher
2009 David Bettenburg Hamline Purple Outfield


Matt Puhl North St. Paul Shortstop, Pitcher


Nick Colwell Tri-City Red Outfield, Pitcher, 1st Base
2007 Matt Puhl North St. Paul Shortstop, Pitcher
2006 Derek McCallum Tri-City Red Infield
2005 Derek McCallum Tri-City Red Pitcher, Infield
2004 Corey Kieger Rosetown Infield
2003 Sean Tracy Rosetown Pitcher, Outfield, 1B
2002 Jordan Roering North St. Paul Center Field
2001 Jay Horner North St. Paul Catcher
2000 Steven Grasley Tri-City Red Pitcher, Infield
1999 Billy Schmeider Tri-City Red 2nd Base, OF
1998 Jack Hannahan St. Paul Hamline  
1997 Joe Rosenthal Rosetown Memorial  
1996 Ben Birk St. Paul Hamline  
1995* Nute Fisher North St. Paul  
1995* Rich Seidenkranz Tri-City Red  
1994* Robb Ramacher Tri-City Red Outfield
1994* Robb Quinlan North St. Paul  
1993 Mike Maslowski Tri-City Red 3rd Base
1992 Mike Maslowski Tri-City Red 3rd Base
1991 Ian Carlson St. Paul North End  
1990 Robert Lambert St. Paul Attucks Brooks  
1989 Andy Saum North St. Paul  
1988 Brian Heather Rosetown Memorial  
1987 Jim Conlee Jacobsen Memorial  
1986 Brian Peters St. Paul Hamline  
1985 Omar Vacca Jacobsen Memorial  
1984 Ted Beaulieu North St. Paul  
1983 Brent Odegard Rosetown Memorial  
1982 Mark Kaufman Jacobsen Memorial  
1981 Joe Paatalo North End  
1980 Clark Davison St. Paul Arcade Phalen  
1979 Dale Forsythe North St. Paul  
1978 Mirch Lanceman St. Paul Hamline  
1977 Scott Ordahl North St. Paul  
1976 Mark Macer Hazel Park  

*Co-MVP's Named for the Year

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