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Important News & Alerts
January 2, 2016
2016 Team Registration:

Go to
www.baseball.legion.org to begin the registration process.

NEW FOR 2016:
1. Unlike prior seasons, returning teams
do not need to create a
new account in the registration system for 2016, in order to RENEW
2015's (or 2014's) team. Rather, the Team Administrator may SIGN-IN
using the team's 2015 User ID (or Team Administrator's email address)
and Password -- and then proceed with "search for a prior year's
team," in order to RENEW the team.

2. If, however, you have lost your team's 2015 system password,
select RESET PASSWORD before beginning the registration process
(and then follow the instructions received by email
in order to create a replacement password.)

3. If your team is a brand new team (or has not participated
since 2013 or earlier) -- OR if a returning team has a new management
staff that does not have access to the team's 2015 log-in credentials --
select CREATE NEW ACCOUNT in order to begin the registration process.

The National registration system otherwise appears to be
functioning in the same manner as it did in 2015. Please refer to the
step-by-step registration instructions in the section below,
(which will be under continuous revision until / if additional
system changes are detected.)

Submit Team Application to Participate: April 1st
Purchase Insurance & Pay Fees: May 15th
Submit Roster (& Roster Packet to District Director): June 15th

complete a background check in 2016;
National mandates this as an ANNUAL requirement.
Therefore, you are encouraged to get your staff background
checks completed ASAP.
Link to:
NOTE: your ability to complete system registration tasks by
required deadline will be hindered,
if ALL background checks are not complete!

All Coaches are also required to complete concussion training,
per Minnesota State law. Training is valid for 3 years.
(Scroll down for more info on requirements, in section below.)
Link to

If your team is looking to enter (or publicize) a 2016 invitational tournament,
see the
tournament listing section at the bottom of this page.


January 2, 2016:
Important -- 2016 School Enrollment Information.
When entering players into the on-line roster, there is a field for "school enrollment" -- meaning the total enrollment of grades 10-12, at the high school which the player attends.

a. For each player, teams must enter the enrollment figure shown in the reports published on this web page, which become available in March. Teams should NOT enter the player's grade level, e.g., 11, and should NOT simply guess or estimate the figure.)

b. For a player who has graduated from HS (e.g., is in college or who
is working), teams must enter the enrollment figure (as shown in the reports) of the high school from which the player graduated.

c. For those players who have not yet graduated, but who are not attending a physical high school (e.g., home-schooled players),
teams must enter the figure of the HS the player would normally be attending, based on the player's legal residence.

d. Also, when calculating the Combined Total Enrollment of schools represented on its roster (and listing such on the
Roster Submittal Cover Sheet* to show compliance with the 3,600 maximum -- or 400 maximum in the case of Division II), a team must use the enrollment figures shown in the following reports.

2016 Public School Enrollment Report
2016 Private School Enrollment Report

Roster Submittal Cover Sheet - "Fillable Form" version


January 2, 2016
2016 Minnesota Rule Book.

In addition to outlining Minnesota American Legion Baseball rules, provisions, and team registration requirements, the Rule Book contains a wealth of other material -- including a list of Officers and District Directors, historical lists of State Champs and awards, and prior year state tournament scores / results.

A "baseball kit" (including hardcopies of the MN and National American Legion Rule Books) will be mailed to the "Team Manager" of each team that has submitted its team application in the National registration system. The "kit" also includes a memo covering important information about the upcoming season and instructions for the remainder of the registration process.

If you have completed your on-line team registration in the national system and you do not receive this "baseball kit" by May 1st, please
contact the State Legion office.

Electronic version:
2016 Minnesota Rule Book

Archived memos / other info:

Messages from State Director, Mike Perry:
Memo Regarding Travel Teams (10/19/14)
January 1, 2015 Memo to Teams
January 1, 2015 Memo to Metro-League Junior Teams



January 2, 2016
Are You Forming a Brand New Team?
(or are you reviving a team that participated in the past?)

Here is What you Need to Know!
Click here for a printable outline of instructions and information,
pertaining to the formation of a new Legion Baseball team. The
information is also helpful for Managers, who are new to the Legion Baseball Program (i.e., those taking over an existing team.).

Related Form:
New Team Formation / Change Form*
"Fillable" version of same form)

*Note: If your team previously participated, but it has been three or more years since you last had a team (e.g., last participated in 2012 or earlier), your team MUST complete / submit a
New Team Formation / Change Form to the State Director (through your District Director), as part of the registration process.

List of 2016 State Officers & District Directors (and quick-summary of rostering rules and definitions.)


January 2, 2016
The Scoop on "College Players" for 2016

To confirm, in an effort to minimize questions:
As background, in 2012, National published a new rule, stating that "beginning in 2015, anyone who meets the age criteria, but who graduated from high school in the prior season [e.g., those attending college or working], would no longer be eligible to participate." As a transitional phase-out measure, for 2012-14, high school graduates could only return to the same team -- no longer having transfer eligibility / ability to change teams. (For example, if the player's prior team opted to NOT roster him, he could not play at all.)

For the 2016 season, National reversed the "ban" on HS graduate participation in 2015; thus, those who graduated from high school in 2015, and who meet the age criteria (born on or after 1/1/97), are ELIGIBLE in 2016. However, National retained the other restrictions, e.g., graduated players 1) must have played in 2015 and may only return to the same team, and 2) are not eligible for transfer. (Variances to these additional restrictions, due to extenuating circumstances, would require State Director (and National Appeals Board) approval.



January 2, 2016
2016 Team Registration - Phase 1 Instructions
printable version of below)

1. Decide who will be your Team Administrator (the primary person responsible for performing tasks in the registration system -- and to whom the system will send email correspondence, including emails related to password reset requests.) Most often, this person is the team's Manager & Head Coach. Sometimes, it is the Team Business Manager of the sponsoring Post/organization. (If multiple people are involved, please ensure to communicate with one another on the completion of system tasks, to prevent the creation of duplicate teams in the system!)

2. Apply for ANNUAL Background Checks: Request your team coaches and volunteer staff to complete their annually-required background check: (See more info further below.)
Link to
Background Check Application.

3. Complete Concussion Training, as required. Instruct new team coaches -- and any whose certificates of completion have expired -- to complete concussion training (required by Minnesota State Law !!!) and to provide you with a copy of their training certificate.
Make sure to maintain a record of your staff's concussion training certification dates
(e.g., copy of certificate.)
Link to

4. Go to National's team registration site, http://baseball.legion.org/ (For your info, the main National web site address -- for general information and materials -- is www.legion.org/baseball.)

Metro area Junior Legion teams should not complete #5 (team account) or #6 (team application). These items are completed by
Jim Peck, who will provide your Team Administrator with the User ID and Password. Your team will then be responsible for completing additional "Phase 2 tasks," such as adding coaches, entering players, and submitting your team's roster and forms.) Please contact Jim Peck, MN Junior Legion Program Director, at 952-474-5071, if you have any questions.

5. Access (or create) Team Account in the Registration System:

a. Log-in using your team's 2015 User ID (or Team Administrator's email address) and Password -- in the case of a returning team.

(If you have lost your 2015 team Password, click RESET PASSWORD, enter the Team Administrator's 2015 email address, then follow the instructions delivered by email.) OR ...

b. Create a 2016 Team Account --
ONLY in the case of a newly forming team, or if 2015's team is now under new management (who does not have access to the 2015 team's log-in credentials.) The Team Administrator must create an account in the system -- i.e., a User ID and Password.

Record your User ID and Password and keep it in a safe place. Also remember that the team's log-in credentials MUST be shared with everyone who needs to access your team's account in the system. For example, if one person is responsible for buying insurance -- and another is responsible for entering the team's roster -- both must use your team's ONE User ID and Password, in order to access your registered team.

6. Complete and Submit the 2016 Team Application by April 1st, signifying your team's intent to participate in the upcoming season.

a. Before beginning the Team Application, It is suggested that new teams
view this quick summary (prepared by National.) Although it was written for the 2013 season/system and the screens now have a different appearance, it provides a general idea of how the system functions. (A link to this document is also available within your team account -- in the far, upper right-hand corner, labeled "Need Help?" Note that there is also a link in the upper right-hand corner to the background check application.)

b. Click on "Add or Renew a Team" at the top of the page to begin the application process, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
(continued at right ... )


Special Notes:
i. Although the instructions might state that you may enter up to 5 total staff members (coaches and volunteers), the system actually DOES accept more than 5.

In order to be able to retrieve prior-season team / player information, returning teams should make sure to select "I want to search for, and use, info from a prior season's team." (Use this option if you fielded a team in 2015 or 2014; if you have not fielded a team at your base school since 2013 or earlier -- or if you have never had a team at your base school -- choose "I want to enter information for a new baseball team."

iii. If you start an application, but do not finish it, the system will save the partially completed portion. To resume an application you started during a previous on-line session, click on the drop-down arrow in "YOUR TEAMS" at the top of the page, select your team, then click on "View," which will open the partially completed application. Do not begin another new application. Use the navigation pane on the left-hand side of the screen, to open and resume working on the applicable section of your team application.

iv. Due to National's integration of background checks into the registration process, teams must enter the names, email addresses, and phone #'s of ALL coaches (and other volunteer staff, who are in authority over, and have direct/regular contact with players) into the Team Application -- and those individuals must pass a background check, before the Team Application can be approved. Therefore, get your coaching staff lined up early -- and make sure that all individuals get their background checks completed PROMPTLY.

If additional coaches join a team's staff after the team application is submitted / approved, those coaches can (and MUST) be added to the team's coaching roster. (See Phase 2 Registration Instructions for further information on this.)

v. IMPORTANT: After your Team Application is complete and accurate, make sure to click on "Submit Application" at the bottom of the final screen. Otherwise, your application will not be able to be reviewed and approved -- nor will your team's staff background checks be able to be electronically certified as having been completed. Failure to SUBMIT the application will also impede your ability to complete additional system tasks later on.

7. Monitor the Status of Your Submitted Application. Following your submittal of the team application, it will go into an approval queue. You will be notified by email when your application is approved -- or if any additional information is needed. (Again, it cannot be approved until all coaches and volunteers named in the application have successfully completed their background checks.)

You can also check on the status of your application (and view a summary of its contents -- including whether or not coaches named in the application have been checked off as having passed their background checks) -- by simply clicking on the drop-down arrow in "YOUR TEAMS" (at the top of your team administration home page), selecting your team and clicking on VIEW, and then clicking on "Review Application" in the navigation pane on the left-hand side of the screen. The full contents of your team application will then be displayed, as well as the status of staff-member background checks.

NOTE: If any of the information in your application needs to be edited or corrected (including typos in email addresses or phone numbers) -- or if any named coaches need to be deleted -- please contact
Gail Kalata or Mike Perry as soon as possible.

8. See related info below, as well as the Team Reg'n & Admin Resources section of this web page, for needed forms and other important info pertaining to registration and the 2016 season.

If you have any questions, please contact your District Director (see list) -- or Mike Perry or Gail Kalata.

Additional instructions related to purchasing insurance, adding coaches, entering team rosters, etc. is posted in the "Phase 2" instructions below. The State Office will also mail an information kit to your Team Manager, including 2016 rule books, after approval of your team application.


January 6, 2016
2016 Team Registration - Phase 2 Instructions

printable version of below)

Completing Your Team's Registration
After your team application has been submitted / approved, to finish the registration process, follow the steps below.

1. Purchase Insurance & Pay Fees, by May 15th. If you have not yet done so, log-in to your team's account on the National registration site --
http://baseball.legion.org/, open YOUR TEAM via the drop-down menu at the top of the screen, click on "Purchase Insurance" in the left-hand column, and complete the insurance application.

a. It is STRONGLY recommended that you add "Additional Insureds" -- the legal owner(s) of your home field(s), so that they will also be covered under the liability policy, free-of-charge. (Many field owners actually require that they be named on the "certificate of insurance," before a team is allowed to use the field.)

b. You will need a credit or debit card to complete the purchase. If you are using a debit card, you must enter the account name exactly as it reads on the bank statement (not on the debit card).

c. The State and National registration fee amounts will automatically be added into the total, prior to entry of your payment card info.

Failure to purchase insurance by May 15th will result in a $200 late fee; failure to purchase insurance by June 1st will result in team disqualification for the season.

2. Finalize Your Coaches & Staff. ALL of your coaches (and volunteer staff who are subject to background checks) must be entered into the national registration system -- and they all must also complete a background check.

a. To verify your entered staff members (and the status of their background checks), log-in to your team account. Click on MY TEAMS at the top, select your team, and then click "View." Then, in the left-hand navigation pane, click on "Coaches & Staff" to view your entered staff members. NOTE: If you need to delete an individual from the list of your team staff, contact
Mike Perry, or Gail Kalata ASAP.

b. To add additional staff members, click on "Coaches & Staff" in the left-hand pane, to navigate to the coaches portion of your account. Then click on the highlighted link for "Add Coaches & Staff" (upper right), and the staff entry form will open. After entering a new staff member, make sure to click on "Save" !!

c. After you submit the information, the person you have added will appear as "pending" in your team's Application, until it is confirmed within the system by the State Director that he/she has successfully passed a background check.

NOTE: Coaches who are not listed within your team account and/or who have not completed a background check are not permitted to participate in any way; District Directors will be monitoring team compliance.

3. Ensure that All Coaches Have Completed Concussion Training. Collect certificates from new coaches on your staff, as well as from coaches whose training has expired. (You must submit copies of those certificates to your District Director with your team's Roster Packet.) Again, Directors will be monitoring for compliance with MN's State Law that requires concussion training.

4. Download and/or Print Player Forms.
A link to Form 2, Form 76, and Form 77 is located within your team account. TIP: If you download the forms to your computer, you will then be able to email them to players, versus printing and handing out hardcopies for completion. (NOTE: Both coaches and players must complete Form 2.)

(continued at right ...)

Enter Players into your On-Line Roster. Log-in to your team's account and click on "Enter Roster," and advance to the player entry screen.
To reduce the amount of data entry, returning teams (who correctly filed their Team Application as a "renewal of last year's team") have the ability to search for and select stored players from their prior season's roster.

a. For each player, enter / update information -- including position, height, weight, etc., and the total enrollment (grades 10-12) of his high school (NOT the player's grade in high school). To obtain the correct enrollment of the high school a player attends, refer to the following reports (also located in the Resources section of this web page.)

2016 Public School Enrollment Report
2016 Private School Enrollment Report

NOTE: The only instance in which you would check "Dual Roster" at the top of the player is entry screen is if the player is double-rostered on a Senior Legion team and its corresponding Junior Legion team. DO NOT check this box if the player is rostered by a non-Legion program team, such as VFW. (Be aware, however, that, under MN Rules, players who are double-rostered with non-Legion program teams must be reported to, and approved by, your District Director.)

b. Uniform numbers must also be entered accurately; FYI, for playoffs and the State Tournaments, roster information from the system will be used for program printing and other purposes.

c. Make sure to click "Save Player" at the bottom of the screen before leaving the entry screen. (The system will then retain the player info that was entered, you may exit the system entirely and return at another time to enter additional players and/or to continue editing.)

6. Submit your Final Roster to National within the registration system by June 15th. When your roster is in final form, click on "Click here to submit final roster," and follow the on-screen instructions.

a. Once you complete this step, your roster becomes locked, and you cannot make any additional changes. If you accidentally submit your roster prematurely, contact
Mike Perry immediately.
b. Teams that fail to complete this step face season disqualification.

7. Submit your hardcopy Roster Packet to Your District Director by June 15th. (Note: your District Director's deadline may be earlier than June 15.) The following items MUST be included:

Hardcopy printout of the roster you submitted to National. (In your team's system account, print the report entitled "Form-1 Roster" -- which includes player addresses, birth dates, etc. The "abbreviated tournament roster" report is NOT ACCEPTABLE for submittal.)
b. Completed Team Info/Roster Submittal Cover Sheet
Printable Version).
c. Copies of fully-completed Form 77's (Declarations), as applicable.
d. Copies of fully-completed Form 76's (Transfer/Waivers),
as applicable (which must also have been previously approved by Mike Perry.)
e. Concussion training certificates, as applicable, and any other miscellaneous forms, approval requests, and/or declarations.

NOTE: All players and coaches must also complete Form 2 prior to commencing participation. To reduce time and copying expense for teams, the state office will no longer retain copies of these. Therefore, your District Director will specify a date for you to submit original Form 2's to him/her for review, and they will then be returned to you. All teams must then produce the original Form 2 (along with original proof of age for each player) during team check-in at your playoff tournament (along with official proof of age).

See related information posted in the News Section of this web page, as well as forms and info available in the Team Reg'n & Admin Resources section. Of course, refer to your rule book as well.

If you have other questions, please contact your District Director (
see list) -- or Mike Perry or Gail Kalata.


January 2, 2016:
Reminder: All Legion Coaches Must Have Completed Training on Concussions

During 2011, the State of Minnesota passed a new law, requiring, among other things, that ALL youth athletic coaches and officials receive training on concussions. (The training is free, available on-line, and only takes 20-30 minutes to complete.)

Click here for a one-page policy handout for Legion Team Managers on the law's requirements. Teams must plan accordingly, so that ALL coaches (head and assistant) are properly trained before the start of any tryouts, practices, games. Coaches who do not submit proof of training are NOT eligible to coach Legion Baseball. In addition, all those who umpire Legion games must have completed training, or they are personally in violation of the law.

Once completed, training is valid for three (3) years, after which, training must be recompleted -- and a new certificate of completion must be submitted. Resources associated with this law:

CDC's Concussion Info Home Page
Resources / Handouts for Coaches
Resources / Handouts for Parents
Resources / Handouts for Athletes
Resources / Handouts for Umpires

March 13, 2012: See story on National web site.

January 2, 2016:
All Legion Managers, Coaches and Team Volunteer Staff must undergo Background Screening, before beginning any 2016 Season Activities

Beginning with the 2013 season, the National American Legion made it mandatory that all team Managers, Coaches, Assistant Coaches -- and other volunteer staff who meet certain criteria -- must undergo annual background screening, prior to engaging in any meetings, events, practices or games that involve youth participants.

To ensure consistency and protect confidentiality, all screening must be conducted by one designated vendor ("Protect Youth Sports"); if an individual has previously undergone background screening through/for another organization, those results may not be substituted. The cost of each individual's background screen will be billed to, and paid by, Minnesota American Legion Baseball.

All those to whom this requirement applies are urged to complete the background screening application as soon as possible. A team's application to participate in the American Legion Baseball program will not be approved until each person has successfully completed a background screening. Those who do not complete it -- or who fail the screening -- are ineligible to particiapte.

Related links:
National Executive Committee Resolution 16
National Risk Management Policies


January 6, 2016:
2016 Registration Fee Info:
(no change from 2015, 2014, 2013)
Sr. Teams
..... National Fee = $50 ..... State Fee = $125

Jr. Teams ..... National Fee = $25 ..... State Fee = $100

2016 Insurance Premium Info: (no change from 2015)
Sr. Teams
: Seasonal Accident = $175 (Yr Round=$255); Liability = $135
Jr. Teams:
Seasonal Accident = $145 (Yr Round=$210); Liability = $95
All teams must also pay a $20 insurance admin/processing fee.

Again in 2016, insurance premiums and national/state fees are rolled into one, combined purchase -- which is made through the national registration system, using a credit or debit card.

Insurance Refund Instructions (for teams that register, purchase insurance, but then cannot field a team)




January 2, 2016:
Are You Looking for Contact Info for Another Team?
The National Legion Baseball web site contains a listing of registered teams on it's "Find a Team" pages -- for all teams, nation-wide -- which includes a mechanism for contacting Team Managers, as well as a link to the team's web site, if applicable. You can also access info on prior years' teams. Also, don't forget that MN Legion Baseball is on Facebook!
Go to the National "Find a Team" pages
Go to Minnesota American Legion Facebook page

January 2, 2016:
MN American Legion Baseball is on Facebook!
Intended to serve as a useful forum for coaches, players, and fans, make sure you visit (and "Like") the Minnesota American Legion Facebook page. For example, you can use the Facebook page to

- Share your team's scores with the general public.
- Advertise remaining openings in tournaments you are hosting.
- Post notices that your team is looking for games.
- Promote your team's fundraising events, etc.
Use the page as a resource for your team -- and help us promote MN American Legion Baseball at the same time!

If you are not currently a Facebook member and want to set up an account, it is free. Go to www.facebook.com and follow the instructions. A family member or friend can also help you learn how to use Facebook's various features.


2016 Championship Tournament Dates:


2016 Division I Sub-State Playoff Tournaments:
Week of July 18th (exact dates vary by Sub-State)

2016 91st Annual MN Division I State Tournament:
- Hosted by Delano, Post 377
- Team Reporting & Banquet: Thurs, July 28th
- Games: Friday, July 29th through Monday, August 1st
Minnesota State Tournament Web Page
- Host's Web Page (TBD)

2016 Central Plains Region 6 Tournament:
- Hosted by Bismarck, ND
- Team Reporting Date: TUESDAY, August 2nd
- Games: WED, August 3rd through SUNDAY, Aug 7th
- Host's Web Page (TBD)
National's Regional Web Page

2016 90th Annual ALB World Series
- Hosted by Shelby, NC
- Team Reporting Date: TUESDAY, August 9th
- Pre-Tournament Events: WEDNESDAY, August 10th
- Games: THURS, Aug. 11th through TUES, Aug. 16th (pool play)
Host's Web Page
- National's World Series Web Page


2016 30th Annual Division II State Tournament:
- Playoff tournaments held week of July 18th
- Hosted by LeSueur-Henderson, Posts 55 & 74
- Team Reporting & Banquet: Thursday, July 28th
- Games: Friday, July 29th - Sunday, July 31st (pool play format)
Minnesota Division II State Tournament Web Page
Host's Web Page (TBD)

2016 Division II Central Plains Regional Tournament:
- Hosted by Waupun, WI, Post 210
- 8-team tourney in 2016. MN will be represented by State Champ
- Other participants include KS, ND, NE, NV, WI (Champ + RU + Host)
- Team Reporting Date: Wednesday, August 3rd (tentative)
- Games: Thursday, Aug 4th through Sunday, August 7th (tentative)
- Host's Web Page (TBD);
Host's Facebook Page


2016 Junior Legion State Tournament
- Teams qualify via point system, versus playoff tournament(s).
- Hosted by Apple Valley, Post 1776
- Team Reporting Date: Monday, July 18th
- Games: Monday, July 18th through Sunday, July 24th

2016 Junior Legion Mid-State Regional
- Hosted by Rapid City, SD Post #22
- Team Reporting Date & Picnic/Banquet: Wednesday, July 27th
- Games: Thurs., July 28th - Sun,, July 31st (or Mon, Aug 1st, per Host)
- Host's Web Page (TBD)


January 6, 2016:
Division I Sub-State Playoff Information
Beginning in 2013, while all teams continue to belong to and compete in their respective District Leagues, instead of participating in Sub/District playoff tournaments within each District, Division I teams were assigned to one of 15 Sub-State Playoff Tournaments being held around the state. Each Sub-State Playoff Tournament Champion earns a berth in the 16-team Division I State Tournament; the State Tournament Host also receives a berth -- rounding out the field to 16 teams. Teams should contact their respective District Director for further info pertaining to team assignments to tournaments.

Printable list of teams assigned to each
MN Sub-State Playoff Tournament in 2015*
(Last updated 6/18/15)

*2016 team assignments will not be available until late
Spring of 2016 and are subject to the outcome of team registrations received for the season.

For info on the results of each of the Sub-State Tournaments (as available), please visit the MN State Tournament web page.

June 9, 2014:
Ever Wonder How MLB Baseballs are Made?

Check out this episode of Discovery Channel's "How It's Made."


December 10, 2012: (no updates received from Nat'l since 2012)
Bat Rule Reminder

Effective January 1, 2012, National American Legion Baseball adopted the BBCOR (Ball-Bat Coefficient of Restitution) standard, which is designed to eliminate discrepancies with bat lengths and provide a more direct measure of bat performance, improve safety, and produce similar batted-ball speeds between wood and non-wood bats. Beginning in 2012, all non-wood bats used on the playing field must, therefore, carry the BBCOR certification mark. If any bat fails to meet this requirement, said bat shall be removed from the game, the batter shall be declared out, and the head coach or team manager shall be ejected from the game.

February 27, 2012: National has advised that the 33" Marucci CAT5 bat (and 34" as of 7/25/12) has been decertified and is not considered a legal bat for Legion use at this time. Info regarding returns, as posted on the National web site.

March 24, 2012: Nat'l has advised that the Reebok Vector TLS-33 Bat has been decertified and is not considered a legal bat for Legion use at this time. Visit the National site and/or this link for further info regarding this bat.

July 25, 2012: National advised that the Marucci Black Series 33" and 34" have been decertified.

January 15, 2015:

In 2014 and 2015, MN Ranked #1 Nationally !!

In 2014, Minnesota had more Legion Baseball teams than any other state in the Nation, with 306. Pennsylvania, which has held the #1 spot for many years, came in second, with 299. Nebraska followed with 281. Wisconsin (207) and Illinois (163) rounded out the top five. Minnesota repeated as "top state" in 2015.

Because MN is one of the leaders, in terms of the number of registered teams, it retained its distinction of being one of the few States that is designated to send two teams to Division I Regional competition.
View 2014 list of all 50 states.


Team Registration & Administrative Resources

2016 Team & Player Registration: All teams must registrer, buy insurance, and pay fees through National's electronic registration system. (The registration system web address is http://baseball.legion.org/.) In addition, all teams must submit hardcopies of their Rosters and Player forms to their respective District Director by given deadlines. The instructions outlined in the section above will help guide you through the process.

Did You Know that Minnesota has a fast-growing
Junior Legion Program? (In 2016, the Junor Legion
program is open to those born on or after January 1,
1999, whereas Senior Legion is January 1, 1997.) If you
have questions about the Program and/or have interest
in starting a Junior Legion team in your community, contact
Jim Peck, MN Junior Legion Program Director, at 952-474-5071.

Step-by-Step, Detailed Registation Instructions (see above instructions): American Legion Baseball Code of Sportsmanship:
Deadline Dates:

I will:

  Keep the rules;
Step 1: Complete Your Team Application for the Upcoming Season (Do Jan 1 - April 1) Keep faith with my teammates;
Step 2: Purchase Insurance & Pay State/National Fees (Deadline = May 15) Keep my temper;
Step 3: Input & Edit Coach and Player Information Keep myself fit;
Step 4: Print Reports and Player Forms Keep a stout heart in defeat;
Step 5: Electronically Submit the Team's Final Roster to Nat'l (Deadline = June 15) Keep my pride under in victory;
Step 6: Submit Hardcopy Forms to District Director (Deadline per District Director) Keep a sound soul, a clean mind, and a healthy body.
Rule books, Supplies, Related Links: School Enrollment Data & Maps: Registration-Related Forms: For State Tournament Participants:

2016 Minnesota Rule Book

National Rule Book (link to National site)

2016 Public School Enrollment Report

2016 Private School Enrollment Report

See enrollment report archives below, if Division II three-year averaging is to be utilized.

2016 Form 2 - Player Indemnification

Form 76 - Transfer / Release

Form 77 - Player Declaration

Team Stat Report (Scouting Sheet)

Player Housing Form 100.12

Chaperone Responsibility Form 100.22

Application to Umpire at State Tournament
MLB Official Baseball Rules (MLB web site)
A pocket-sized book ("Official Rules of Major League Baseball") is available from
Triumph Books.

2013 Major League Baseball Rule Change Summary

Purchase Uniform Patches & Other
Supplies (link to National web site)

MN School Dist. Map/Web Directory Page
(As an example of the resources available on
the above web page, open the "Education Mapper."
Click anywhere on the map. Then click "show"
for the District you want to see. It zooms in.)

MN School District Maps & Info

2014-2015 Statewide School District Map
(includes links to MN school district web sites)

Information for Newly Forming Teams

New Team Formation / Change Form
(Printable Version)

Please print this form out and affix it to the top
of your roster and packet of player/coach forms,
before you submit such to your District Director.

Fillable Form Version of New Team Formation / Change Form (which can be completed on your computer, then saved to your hard-drive for printing, signature, mailing.)
Player Release from Tourn. Site Form 100.13
(Note: Used when housed player departs the tournament prior to his team's departure.)
National "Team Resources" Page
(Many items of interest available; e.g., sample
tourn. brackets, first aid kit suggestions, etc.)
MN School District Maps
(Courtesy of MN Geospacial Information Office;
Includes links to a variety of school district maps,
including "clickable" state-wide and metro maps.)
Roster Packet Submittal Cover Sheet
(This is a Required Form for all Teams)
National Scholarship Application MapQuest    
Scholarship Submittal Instructions      
Prior Season Rule Book Archives: Prior Season School Enrollment Archives:    
2015 Minnesota Rule Book 2015 Public School Enrollment Report 2012 Public School Enrollment Report  
2014 Minnesota Rule Book 2015 Private School Enrollment Report 2012 Private School Enrollment Report  
2013 Minnesota Rule Book      
2013 Key Playing Rules Summary (for Umps) 2014 Public School Enrollment Report 2011 Public School Enrollment Report  
2012 Minnesota Rule Book 2014 Private School Enrollment Report 2011 Private School Enrollment Report  
2011 Minnesota Rule Book      
2010 Minnesota Rule Book 2013 Public School Enrollment Report 2010 Public School Enrollment Report  
  2013 Private School Enrollment Report 2010 Private School Enrollment Report  
Youth Athletic Concussion Resources:      
Requirements Summary for Team Mgrs Resources / Handouts for Coaches Resources / Handouts for Athletes  
CDC's Concussion Info Home Page Resources / Handouts for Parents Resources / Handouts for Umpires  
Umpiring Associations & Related Information:    
Note: By listing them here, American Legion Baseball is not endorsing the usage of any of the follwing association; the information is merely being provided as a convenience to team coaches. If your association wishes to be listed, please email the URL to be posted as a link; please note that it is your responsility to notify us of any future changes in the URL address, as we do not continuously test link validity. Thanks.

2016 Key Legion Playing Rule
Summary for Umps
IMPORTANT: Please contact the
local District League Director for
rule information that may be
unique to specific leagues
or divisions.

Northwest Association of Umpires, Ltd. Midwest Umpires Application to Umpire at State Tournament  
St. Paul Municipal Umpires Metro Umpires    
Central MN Umpires Association (Facebook) Northstar Umpires 2013 MLB Rule Change Summary  
District / MN Staff Directory & General Info

2016 State Officers & District Directors
(printable PDF document)
If you have interest in playing for anAmerican Legion
Baseball team,
this document provides basic information
regarding player eligibility, current levels of competition
within the Program, a map showing the American Legion's
ten Districts in Minnesota, as well as who to contact in
each District to help you determine for which team you are
eligible to play.
Information for Newly Forming Teams

Find a Team:
Visit the National ALB web site and review the listings of registered teams to find a team near you!

Links to District Baseball Web Sites:      
District 3 (Apple Valley 76er site) District 8 District 10 North Hennepin League  
District 4 District 9 District 10 South Hennepin League  
District 6 (St. Cloud MAC site)   District 10 Wright County League  
Note: For individual team web sites, visit the National ALB web site list of MN teams.
If a team has a web site, a link will be listed, along with the team's other profile info.
Other Links / Info of Interest: MN Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame Minnesota State HS League Web Site  
  Past Div I Legion Tournament Champs Past Div I Legion Tourn. Outstanding Players Past Other MN Legion Baseball Awards
Tournament Listings
2016 Tournament Listings
We have been notified of several Legion Baseball tournaments that will be taking place in our area, outlined in this
Printable List of 2016 Area Tournaments. If you need additional information, please contact the person listed (i.e., the Minnesota Baseball staff does not have additional info on these tournaments, other than what is shown.)

If your Legion team/Post is hosting a tournament and you would like to list it on this site, please email the information (we cannot accept it over the phone), and it will be posted as soon as feasibly possible. (Please be patient; the maintenance of information on this site is purely a volunteer endeavor!) Any accompanying flyers or registration forms should be submitted in PDF (Acrobat Reader) or Word / Excel format -- or as a link to another web page where the information is posted. Only Legion-hosted tournaments being held in, or in close proximity to, MN will be posted. Please submit those being held in other areas to National, for posting on the nation-wide tournament directory. Thank you.

In addition, once your tournament bracket / schedule has been prepared, we would appreciate it if you could submit your bracket / schedule by
email -- providing us with the opportunity to share it with scouts, etc. who have interest in attending.

Printable List of 2016 Area Tournaments
(Last updated: 5/13/16)
Gopher Classic Tournament page Archived List of 2014 Area Tournaments Archived List of 2012 Area Tournaments
National ALB's Tournament Directory Archived List of 2015 Area Tournaments Archived List of 2013 Area Tournaments Archived List of 2011 Area Tournaments
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