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Season Notes & News

Elmer Buttweiler's Passing
It is with great sadness I report that Elmer Buttweiler -- the "father" of Tri-City Baseball -- passed away peacefully at 7:30 a.m. on Friday, September 21, 2007, at Unity Hospital, in the company of those who loved him, after a brief, courageous battle with cancer and a series of strokes. Please see the Home Page for further information.

Eric Helgason & the 35W Bridge Collapse
While on his way to the Tri-City / White Bear District playoff game at North St. Paul last Wednesday, August 1st, Tri-City Red Assistant Coach, Eric Helgason was crossing the 35W bridge when it went down -- losing his new truck, uniform, possessions, and almost his life, to the river.  We are very grateful that Eric is still with us, and it was wonderful to welcome him back to the "Tri-City family" at the 4th District banquet on August 6th.  On August 5th, Eric did an interview with Tom Mischke of KSTP AM radio near the bridge site.  If you have interest in listening to the interview, you can find it at the following address:   http://www.am1500.com/podcasts/index.shtml#mischke   (Click on "Monday Noon" under the Download icon.  I don't know how long the interview will be available on-line.  Keep listening past the weather report and music "intermission" that's 2/3's of the way through.)

2007 State Tournament Site Now Available
While several portions are yet under construction, pending the completion of District tournaments across the State, the Official MN State Tournament Web Site is now on-line! Action in District Tournaments can also be tracked at the following sites: District 1 (Rochester and SE MN), District 3 (from Forest Lake down to Chaska), District 4 (us!), District 6 (St. Cloud up to Bemidji), District 7 (Marshall up to Alexandria), District 9 (NW Minnesota), District 10 (West Metro up to Sandstone); in the 10th District, scores from the North Hennepin sub-district tournament are also available at the North Hennepin League site.

For further inforrmation on the District structure in MN, visit the
Minnesota American Legion Baseball Info page within this site.

Read about Tri-City Baseball in the Bulletin Newspaper
Stories can be accessed on The Bulletin's Sports page -- or by doing a search on The Bulletin's homepage.

Players in the News
Take this link to read the story about Seth Rosin on the Star Trib's website! Read a companion story, published by the Pioneer Press on June 14, 2007.

Announced Tuesday, June 19th by the Pioneer Press, Seth Rosin (MVHS, Tri-City Red) was chosen as Starting Pitcher on the newspaper's All-State Baseball Team. Tim Duffy (St. Anthony, Tri-City Blue) was selected as Reserve Catcher. Nick Colwell (IHS, Tri-City Red) received an Honorable Mention, as DH. Congratulations, players!!!

Veteran Red player and Minnesota Gopher signee, Seth Rosin, was drafted on June 8th by the Twins in the 28th round. Seth joins several other players who wore Red to be drafted by major league teams, including Colin Brackeen (1992-93; Toronto Blue Jays), Rick Brosseau (1995-97; Toronto Blue Jays), Stephen Grasley (1998-2000; Seattle Mariners), Bryan Guse (1991-93; San Francisco Giants), Lenny Manning (1990; Philadelphia Phillies),
Derek McCallum (2004-2006); Minnesota Twins), and Stu McFarland (1995-96; Toronto Blue Jays). Congratulations to Seth for becoming a member of this elite group!!!! As an aside, Seth was also chosen to play in the "East/West Showdown" All Star game, played June 29th at Midway Stadium.  

Red players Erik Anderson (MVHS) and Seth Rosin (MVHS) and Blue player Tim Duffy (St. Anthony HS) participated in the Lion's All-Star Game (Metro East and Metro West teams. respectively) on June 21-23 at the Chaska Athletic Park in Chaska. Tri-City Baseball prepared an ad which appeared in the tournament program, honoring past and present TCB participants. (Apologies to Tim Duffy, since the ad was submitted prior to us learning of his participating.)

Tri-City Red and Blue Both Debuted in 1st Statewide Poll of 2007
In the first MN American Legion Baseball Statewide Coaches/Media Poll of 2007, Tri-City Red maintained its dynasty reputation by debuting at #5. Meanwhile, Tri-City Blue also made a very strong statement by debuting at #16. Having our two Legion teams ranked in the top 20 is quite an accomplishment, considering there are over 350 Legion teams in Minnesota. Congratulations to both teams! Complete poll results are posted each week on this web site, as well as being distributed to newspapers all across the state and several other media outlets.

Web Site Remains Very Active

Activity remains high on the Tri-City Baseball web site, with activity expected to continue to build as the season gets going. During April, we had 2,011 visitors, who viewed 6,151 pages. From June 1 -21, we had 1,810 unique visitors, who made 3,047 visits and viewed 11,104 pages. Our highest month of activity so far came in July, 2006, when a total of 10,980 visitors viewed 39,838 pages. Keep spreading the word about our site's existance!

Tri-City Continues to Contribute Heavily to the Advancement and Promotion of American Legion Baseball in Minnesota

In addition to being the first American Legion Post and baseball team in the State of Minnesota to establish a website, do you know all the other ways that Tri-City helps to strengthen the American Legion Baseball Program in Minnesota? First, volunteers within the Tri-City organization handle the administration and publication of the Statewide American Legion Poll (read more). Secondly, Tri-City provides space on its own website to host the Official Minnesota State Tournament website -- and Tri-City volunteers do all of the State Tournament site design and maintenance each year, in addition to helping at the State Tournament itself.. And, new in 2006, Tri-City volunteered to host a web page that outlines all game schedules and results for the Gopher Classic tournament. Because of its numerous contributions to American Legion Baseball -- on and off the field -- Tri-City was named Post of the Year by Minnesota American Legion Baseball in 2005. So, be proud of your association with Tri-City -- and help us continue to enhance our reputation as a leader in American Legion Baseball by representing our Post with dignity and integrity!

Track Other Teams Online

It's time to play ball in all 10 of Minnesota's American Legion Baseball Districts! (For more information on the location of each district, visit the
Minnesota Legion Baseball Page within this site, or the Minnesota Department site at www.mnlegion.org.) Follow action in the 1st District (SE Minnesota, e.g., Rochester), at www.district1scores.org. Take this link to District 6 (St. Cloud and Brainerd area teams.) For District 9 (NW Minnesota), check out Moorhead's website. And follow the District 10's North Hennepin League by visiting their website. Of course, don't forget to follow TRI-CITY BLUE, which plays in that league. Also visit the District 10 South Hennenpin League site. For information on what's going on in other Districts, search for American Legion Baseball stories on statewide newspapers at www.mnnews.com.

Here are a some individual American Legion team websites to check out:
Hamline, Alexandria, Eden Prairie, Excelsior, Burnsville, Hopkins, Chaska, Edina, Prior Lake, Moorhead, Rochester A's, Rochester Patriots, Rochester Red Hawks, Lakeville South (Cougars) and Lakeville North (Panthers) [Click on "Team" drop down menu to select each Lakeville team], St. Louis Park, Apple Valley.

2007 Season Highlights and Accomplishments:

2007 Full District 4 Schedule and Scores

Greg Schmidt's Game Summaries, Line Scores and Stories:

Season Preview: "Full Stable of Newbies, but Same Mission" (PDF 479 KB)
Games 3-6 (through 6/21/07): Hamline, NSP, Rosetown, WB (PDF 100 KB) NSP Photos: 1 225 KB 2 508 KB 3 215 KB
Games 7-11 (6/22 - 6/24): West St. Paul Tournament (PDF file, 169 KB) Add'l Photos: 1 440 KB 2 315 KB
Games 12-14 (6/25 - 6/27): North End, Arcade, Hamline (PDF file, 13 KB)
Games 15-19 (6/29 - 7/1): Fargo Tournament (PDF file, 21 KB)
Games 20-23 (7/9 - 7/12): Arcade, NSP, North End, WB (PDF file, 17 KB)
Games 24-28 (7/13 - 7/15): Gopher Classic Tournament (PDF file, 136 KB)
Games 31-33 (7/19 - 7/22): Princeton Tournament (PDF file, 107 KB), includes team photo!
Games 29-30, 34 (7/16-7/17, 7/23): NSP, Hamline, White Bear (PDF file, 12 KB)
Games 35-38 (7/24 - 7/27):
Rosetown, Arcade, North End, Rosetown (PDF file, 20 KB)
Games 39-41 (8/1 - 8/4): District 4 Playoffs (WB, NSP, NSP) (PDF file, 29 KB)
Special Related Story: Eric Helgason: 35W Bridge Collapse
Games 42-45 (8/9 - 8/10):
MN State Tournament (CR, AV, Roch, Willmar) (PDF file, 32 KB)

4th District Season Standings, FINAL:
Games through Friday, 7/27/07

Place Team Win Loss Percent GB
1 Tri-City Red 15 3 .833 --
2 North St. Paul 13 5 .722 2
3 Rosetown 11 7 .611 4
4 Hamline 9 9 .500 6
5 North End 6 12 .333 9
6 White Bear 5 13 .278 10
7 Arcade-Phalen 4 14 .222 11

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2007 Official Team Roster

Printable Roster

2007 Tri-City Red Team Picture
(218 KB)

Name (*Captains) High School Uniform # Position(s) Height Weight Bats Throws Grad Yr.
Anderson, Erik Mounds View 11 Catcher 6'1" 205 R R 2007
Cleveringa, Brett* Concordia Academy 25 Pitcher, 1st Base 6'-1" 245 L L 2007
Colwell, Nick Irondale 4 Outfield, Pitcher 5'10" 170 L L 2008
Fiegel, Erik The Blake School 14 Infield, Pitcher 6'0" 175 L R 2007
Lechner, Jake Hill-Murray 7 Outfield 5'10" 150 R L 2007
Marshik, Brian Mounds View 9 Outfield, Infield 5'9" 160 L R 2007
Myers, Paul Mounds View 15 Pitcher, Outfield 6'0" 165 R R 2008
Norgard, David College-St. Scholastica 18 Pitcher, 1st Base 6'2" 200 R R 2006
Pedersen, Brock Mounds View 16 Infield, Pitcher 6'3" 185 R R 2008
Phillippi, Joe Hill-Murray 3 Infield 5'9" 170 L R 2008
Porten, Brandon* Mounds View 2 Infield, Pitcher 5'-10" 160 R R 2007
Reichert, Dan Mounds View 19 Outfield, Pitcher 6'1" 170 L L 2008
Ries, Jack Totino Grace 10 Infield, Pitcher 6'2" 175 R R 2007
Rosin, Seth* Mounds View 23 Pitcher, 1st Base 6'-6" 240 R R 2007
Ross, Luke Mounds View 1 Infield 5'9" 160 R R 2007
Searles, Blake College-UMD (MVHS) 21 1st Base, Pitcher 6'-4" 205 R R 2006
Tetrick, Matt Irondale 12 Catcher 5'10" 180 R R 2008
Thompson, Tommy Irondale 17 Outfield, Pitcher 5'10" 160 S R 2008

2007 Coaching Staff

General Managers: Norb Stachowski, Ed Lindquist
Team Manager/Head Coach: Jeff Larsen, #6
Coach: Russ Poser, #22 Assistant Coach: Eric Helgason, #5

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2007 Season Schedule & Results

Printable Schedule

Game # / Date Team Score vs. Team (Home) Score at Field W L
Note: Some links to park locations are via the MN State HS League's school web pages -- on those pages, look for school's address and small green map icon -- upper right of page..
1 - Saturday, 6/16/07 Tri-City Red (5 innings) 13 Tri-City Blue 0 12 Noon, St. Anthony HS 1 0
Tri-City Red   7 0 0   3 3             13   10   0   Cleveringa and Anderson, Myers and Tetrick (5). Chris Peterson, Keil (5) and Duffy.
Tri-City Blue   0 0 0   0 0             0   2   0  
2 - Saturday, 6/16/07 Tri-City Red (5 innings) 13 Tri-City Blue 0 2 p.m. St. Anthony HS 2 0
Tri-City Red   2 0 8   1 2             13   13   1   Myers, Norgard (4), Porten (5) and Tetrick. Grewe, Keil (4) and Zurbey. HRs: TCR = Thompson (1), Reichert (1).
Tri-City Blue   0 0 0   0 0             0   2   1  
3 - Monday, 6/18/07 Hamline 1 Tri-City Red 10 6 p.m. Irondale HS 3 0
4 - Tuesday, 6/19/07 Tri-City Red 8 North St. Paul 3 6 p.m. McKnight American Legion Field, North St. Paul* 4 0
*Due to Hwy 36 closure from White Bear Avenue to Century Ave, from Highway 36, go north (left) on White Bear Avenue to 11th Ave East, right/east on 11th Avenue, across McKnight Road, then right/south on 3rd Street North. Parking is on the right, just north of tennis courts. Ball field is just south of tennis courts.
5 - Wednesday, 6/20/07 Tri-City Red 8 Rosetown 4 6 p.m., Rosetown 5 0
*Field is behind (south of) the Rosetown Legion. Park in Legion parking lot (on Rosetown Court) or in Central Park parking lot (on west side of Dale St., midway between County Road C and County Road B2.)
6 - Thursday, 6/21/07 White Bear 2 Tri-City Red 9 6 p.m. Irondale 6 0
West St. Paul Challengers "Moose Country Challenge" Tournament: (Print Complete Tournament Pairings)
Tournament Notes:

Eight-team, two-pool tournament. National Pool = West St. Paul, New Prague, Chesterbird, Prior Lake; American Pool = Tri-City Red, Rosetown, Northfield, St. Paul Park. Four games guaranteed, with both a Championship and Consolation bracket. All games played at Henry Sibley High School and St. Thomas Academy. On Sunday, Championship Bracket games are at Henry Sibley; Consolation Bracket games are at St. Thomas Academy.

7 - Friday, 6/22/07 Tri-City Red 5 St. Paul Park 2 6:30 p.m., St. Thomas Academy 7 0
8 - Saturday, 6/23/07 Tri-City Red 11 Northfield 3 12:30 p.m., Henry Sibley HS 8 0
9 - Saturday, 6/23/07 Rosetown 3 Tri-City Red 6 6 p.m., Henry Sibley HS 9 0
10-Sunday, 6/24/07 New Prague (Nat'l Poll Runner-up) 2 Tri-City Red 8 1:30 p.m., Henry Sibley HS 10 0
11-Sunday, 6/24/07 St. Paul Park 13 Tri-City Red 9 4:00 p.m., Henry Sibley HS 10 1
Tournament Notes: TCR won the American Pool with a 3-0 record and took 2nd Place in the tournament! The tournament was a great tune-up for this week's league schedule, as well as the Fargo-Moorhead Invitational! Congratulations, Red!!!! TRIVIA: Prior to this tournament, the last time Red met St. Paul Park was in the 1997 semi-final game of the State Tournament. The game went 12-innings, with Billy Schneider (son of Olympic hockey medalist, Buzz Schneider) hitting a game-winning homer. Billy also made a spectacular catch in left the inning prior, saving Red from sure defeat. Red met Hamline in the championship, with Red prevailing for the State crown. Red also won the Central Plains Regional that year, earning its first trip to the World Series. In Regional play, Red defeated Topeka 7-0 in the semi and Excelsior 2-0 in the championship. The games were dramatically moved from Big Willow to Albert Lea shortly after the semi's scheduled start time, due to drenching all-day rain. Players and fans caravanned to Albert Lea, where the rain broke just long enough to get the games in -- avoiding having to settle the Regional with flips of a coin, as had been instructed by the National Director, after he learned of Big Willow's flooding..
12-Monday, 6/25/07 North End 3 Tri-City Red (8 innings) 4 6 p.m., Irondale 11 1
13-Tuesday, 6/26/06 Arcade-Phalen 3 Tri-City Red 8 6 p.m., Irondale 12 1
14-Wednesday, 6/27/06 Hamline 2 Tri-City Red 3 6 p.m., Irondale 13 1
Fargo-Moorhead Tournament: (Print Complete Tournament Pairings - updated with scores)
Tournament Notes: Pool Play format (2 pools, 5 teams each): Matson Field (Moorhead) Pool = Tri-City Red, Moorhead Blues, West Fargo ND Patriots, Oconomowoc, WI, Bismarck ND Governors. Jack Williams Stadium (Fargo) Pool = Fargo ND Post #2, Mandan ND Chiefs, Bloomington Gold, Sioux Falls SD East, EauClaire, WI. (Click on link above for complete tournament pairings.)

See a detailed map of the area in which the parks are located -- they are in close proximity to each other (a toll bridge across the Red River actually connects the two parks -- bridge is along 15th Avenue on the MN side and 12th Avenue on the Fargo side.) The addres of Jack Williams Stadium is 10 11th Avenue North, Fargo, ND 58102, just east of the NDSU campus. Matson Field is at the intersection of 15th Avenue North/Hwy 83 and 11st Street (enter parking lot on 15th Avenue). As always, "look for the lights," when approaching the area. Also, see a list of general location and phone numbers of parks.

The team will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Fargo. (Link to Google Map) There is also an adjacent Holiday Inn. (Link to Google Map)

Check the Moorhead Blues (NOT YET AVAILABLE) website and/or search for stories at the The Fargo Forum Website: Newspaper Sports Section (use their on-site search engine to find articles on American Legion Baseball, Tri-City Red, Fargo-Moorhead tournament, etc.)

15-Friday, 6/29/07 Tri-City Red 2 West Fargo Patriots 1 9 a.m., Matson Field (Moorhead) 14 1
16-Friday, 6/29/07 Bismarck ND 14 Tri-City Red 7 11:30 a.m., Matson Field 14 2
17-Saturday, 6/30/07 Oconomowoc WI 0 Tri-City Red (5 innings) 14 2 p.m., Matson Field 15 2
18-Saturday, 6/30/07 Tri-City Red 7 Moorhead Blues 8 7 p.m., Matson Field 15 3
19-Sunday, 7/1/07 #3 Williams Pool - Fargo 2 #3 Matson Pool - Tri-City Red 3 9 a.m., Jack Williams (5th Place game) 16 3
Tournament Notes: Order of finish: Champ = Moorhead, 2nd = Sioux Falls, 3rd = Eau Claire, 4th = Bismarck, 5th = TCR, 6 Fargo, 7/8th = WI/Mandan, 9th = Bloomington Gold, 10th = West Fargo. Congratulations, Red, on a great tournament! See "Complete Tournament Pairings" above for all the tournament scores.
20-Monday, 7/9/07 Tri-City Red 8 Arcade-Phalen 4 6 p.m., Johnson HS 17 3
21-Tuesday, 7/10/07 Tri-City Red 5 North St. Paul 0 6 p.m., Midway Stadium 18 3
22-Wednesday, 7/11/07 Tri-City Red 9 North End 1 8 p.m., Midway Stadium 19 3
23-Thursday, 7/12/07 Tri-City Red 9 White Bear 4 6 p.m., White Bear Central* 20 3
*Field is on Bald Eagle at 9th Street. From I-694, go north on Hwy 61, left (west) on 4th to Bald Eagle, then north on Bald Eagle. Possible construction on Bald Eagle might necessitate going north on Bloom from 4th Street, then walking across the school yard to the field.
Gopher Classic Tournament:
Tournament Notes:

48-team tournament. Tri-City will play at the Minnetonka site (Veterans Field at Minnetonka HS). Teams in this pool include Tri-City Red, Excelsior, Adrian, MI, Rapid City Post 22, Richfield Reds, Rochester Patriots. See the Gopher Classic page that is being maintained on the Tri-City site for information on all participating teams and sites, including links to maps for each park.

24-Friday, 7/13/07 Tri-City Red 6 Adrian, MI 2 9 a.m., Mtka HS, Veterans Field 21 3
25-Friday, 7/13/07 Tri-City Red (8 innings) 0 Rapid City Post #22 Varsity 1 5 p.m., Mtka HS, Veterans Field 21 4
26-Saturday, 7/14/07 Tri-City Red 3 Rochester Patriots 5 2 p.m., Mtka HS, Veterans Field 21 5
27-Sunday, 7/15/07 Richfield 6 Tri-City Red 5 5 p.m., Mtka HS, Veterans Field 21 6
28-Sunday, 7/15/07 Tri-City Red 8 Excelsior 4 7:30 p.m., Mtka HS, Veterans Field 21 7
Tournament Notes: Final game called one out shy of 5 complete, due to light curfew. Rapid City won the pool with a record of 5-0.
29-Monday, 7/16/07 Tri-City Red (9 innings) 1 North St. Paul 0 8 p.m., Midway Stadium 22 7
30-Tuesday, 7/17/07 Hamline 4 Tri-City Red 2 6 p.m., Midway Stadium 22 8
-Wednesday, 7/18/07 Tri-City Red (RAIN OUT) -- Rosetown -- 6 p.m., Rosetown (to be rescheduled) -- --
Princeton Tournament: 37th Annual: (Print Complete Tournament Pairings -updated with scores)
Tournament Notes: Participants: Tri-City Red, Excelsior, Eagan, Grand Rapids, Moorhead Blues, Alexandria, Hopkins, Princeton (host).
Princeton is located off of Highway 169, north of Elk River and Zimmerman. Take the Rum River Dr. exit (when traveling north on 169, it's the 1st exit for Princeton, which is also indicated as the exit for the hospital and airport. You'll see the ballpark lights in the distance, to the N/NW.) Turn right on Rum River Dr. at the bottom of the exit ramp. Continue to 5th Street; go left on 5th (westbound). Continue roughly 6 blocks (you'll likely see signs for Mark Park along the way.) You will come to a T. Hang a right and then a left into the parking lot. The parking lot also serves as an entry drive for Princeton's waterpark, Splash Park.
31-Thursday, 7/19/07 (Gm 1) Tri-City Red 8 Excelsior 6 Mark Park, Princeton, 5:30 p.m. 23 8
32-Saturday, 7/21/07 (Gm 7) Tri-City Red 4 Eagan 2 Mark Park, Princeton, 5:30 p.m. 24 8
33-Sunday, 7/22/07-Champ. Hopkins (24-7-1) 0 Tri-City Red 4 Mark Park, Princeton, 4:30 p.m. 25 8
Tournament Notes: Congratulations, Red! This marks the 6th time that Red has won the Princeton tournament (1993, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2006, 2007) -- more than any other team in the tourney's 38-year history. Moorhead (33-8) finished in 3rd place, defeating Eagan (20-13) 10-1; Alexandria (20-17) took 5th, defeating Excelsior (26-19) 5-4, and Grand Rapids (19-12) finished 7th, defeating Princeton (11-12) 19-6.
34-Monday, 7/23/07 White Bear 1 Tri-City Red (clinches 1st in League) 5 6 p.m., Irondale 26 8
35-Tuesday, 7/24/07 Tri-City Red 4 Rosetown 5 6 p.m., Irondale (7/18 make-up game) 26 9
36-Wednesday, 7/25/07 Tri-City Red 7 Arcade-Phalen 1 8 p.m., Midway Stadium, 8 p.m. 27 9
37-Thursday, 7/26/07 North End 1 Tri-City Red 0 6 p.m., Irondale 27 10
38-Friday, 7/27/07 Rosetown 4 Tri-City Red 7 6 p.m., Irondale 28 10
District 4 Playoffs: (see next section, below, for bracket)
-Tuesday, 7/31/07 Single Elimination Round (5 and 8 p.m.)   Tri-City Red gets a bye   NSP (5 & 8 p.m.) / WB (5 p.m.)    
39-Wednesday, 8/1/07 White Bear 3 Tri-City Red (7 innings) 13 North St. Paul, 8 p.m. 29 10
40-Thursday, 8/2/07 North St. Paul 1 Tri-City Red (7 innings) 11 North St. Paul, 8 p.m. 30 10
41-Saturday, 8/4-Champ. North St. Paul 3 Tri-City Red 9 NSP, Noon and 3 p.m. (if nec.) 31 10
Minnesota State Tournament:
Thurs, 8/9/07 - Sun, 8/12/07 Click on link above for complete scores!       Bloomington Gold is host.    
Tournament Notes:  

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2007 District Tournament

View and/or Print the 2007 4th District Tournament Bracket (FINAL) PDF File: 8 KB
(To return to this page, use the "back" button on your Internet Browser.)

2007 District 4 Championship Tournament Game Schedule (tentative)
(9 inning games; Winner represents District 4 in the State Tournament)

Game #/Date Team Score vs. Team (Home) Score at Field
Single Elimination Round (all teams, except league champion)
1-Tuesday, 7/31/07 Seed 6- White Bear 17 Team 3 - Rosetown (eliminated) 9 5 p.m., White Bear South (Cty E and White Bear Ave., behind McDonalds)
2-Tuesday, 7/31/07 Team 5 - North End (eliminated) 0 Team 4 - Hamline 3 5 p.m., North St. Paul
3-Tuesday, 7/31/07 Team 7 - Arcade Phalen (eliminated) 13 Team 2 - North St. Paul 15 8 p.m., North St. Paul
Double Elimination Tournament
4-Wednesday, 8/1/07 Hamline 0 North St. Paul 3 5 p.m., North St. Paul
5-Wednesday, 8/1/07 White Bear 3 Tri-City Red (7 innings) 13 8 p.m., North St. Paul
6-Thursday, 8/2/07 White Bear (eliminated) 4 Hamline 12 5 p.m., North St. Paul
7-Thursday, 8/2/07 North St. Paul 1 Tri-City Red (7 innings) 11 8 p.m., North St. Paul
8-Friday, 8/3/07 Hamline 8 North St. Paul 10 6 p.m., North St. Paul
9-Saturday, 8/4/07-Championship North St. Paul 3 Tri-City Red 9 Noon, North St. Paul, (and 3 p.m. if nec.)

Visit the 4th District Page within this Site

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2007 Minnesota State Tournament

The Annual Minnesota State American Legion Baseball Championship Tournament will be hosted by Bloomington. Play begins on Thursday, August 9, 2007 and continues through Sunday, August 12, 2007. Team check-in will take place on Wednesday, August 8, 2007, with the annual banquet being held that evening.


2007 State Tournament
Information & Details at the Official State Tournament Website

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2007 Regional Championship Tournaments

The 2007 Regional American Legion Tournaments will be held as follows:

Central Plains: Marshall, MN Thursday, 8/16/07 - Monday, 8/20/07
Great Lakes: Menominee, MI Thursday, 8/16/07 - Monday, 8/20/07


2007 World Series National Championship Tournament

The 2007 American Legion World Series will be held in Bartlesville, OK on Friday, August 24, 2007 through Tuesday, August 28, 2007.

For more information on the Regional and National Tournaments, visit Bartlesville's official web site, or take this link to the National American Legion Baseball Web Site.

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Post Season Events & Awards

39th Annual Fourth District American Legion Baseball Banquet:

Monday, August 6th, 2007
North St. Paul Post #39
2678 7th Avenue East, North St. Paul, MN 55109

PREGAME: 6:00 p.m.
DINNER / AWARDS: 7:00 p.m.
COST: $10.00/person

Your RSVP (and check) is due to Jeff Larsen by Friday, July 27th!
(The cost of player tickets is paid by Tri-City Legion, so do not include players in your RSVP count!)





Tri-City VFW Baseball

Tri-City American Legion Post #513
400 Old Highway #8 N.W.
New Brighton, MN 55112
Phone: (651) 631-1124
Fax: (651) 631-1359

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