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Tri-City American Legion Post #513 has been the proud sponsor of American Legion Baseball since 1986, when the Tri-City team (now Tri-City Blue) commenced its inaugural season in the 10th District, which is Tri-City's home district within Minnesota's American Legion organization. Building upon that initial cornerstone, in 1990, in an unprecedented effort to preserve an American Legion Baseball program in neighboring communities, Tri-City crossed District lines and volunteered to take over the sponsorship of a second team, which was based in the Minnesota America Legion's 4th District. This team became known as Tri-City Red, a team which otherwise would have been disbanded entirely. In the years since the inceptions of these two teams, many Tri-City Legionnaires, players and coaches have not only worked to build a professional program, but have worked tirelessly to provide many more opportunties for area youth to play ball. As such, the Tri-City program has gained a great deal of respect, on both a state and national level, as an American Legion Baseball program of excellence.

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For more information about each of the two Districts in which Tri-City participates, as well as information on American Legion Baseball programs in other Districts -- and on a state-wide basis (including a list of prior Minnesota State American Legion Baseball Champions and Outstanding Players), follow the link below:

American Legion Baseball in Minnesota,
including info on the
10th and 4th Districts,
2006 Minnesota State Tournament, the
Statewide American Legion Coaches' Poll and the
Gopher Classic Legion Tournament

American Legion Baseball
Code of Sportsmanship
I will:
keep myself fit,
keep the rules,
keep my temper,
keep a stout heart in defeat,
keep faith with my teammates,
keep my pride under victory,
keep a sound soul,
a clean mind,
and a healthy body.

The History of American Legion Baseball in the United States

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