2000 Tri-City Red
State Tournament Photo Gallery

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"You mean I have to load TWO buses this year?"

0busel1 (81KB)

"Let's see...is this the red bus or the blue bus?..."

0busjf1 46KB)

"Merrily we stow our gear, stow our gear, stow our gear!"

0rdbus1 (47KB)

"Yes, mom, I think I have everything!"

0rdbus2 (111KB)

"Hey, Pete...."

0rdbus3 (49KB)

"...did you get that haircut yet?"

0rdbus4 (45KB)

"Boy, this stuff gets heavy by August..."

0rdbus5 (37KB)

"Gonna get a trophy, gonna get a trophy, gonna get a trophy..."

0rdbus6 (50KB)

"Okay...gear stowed, team on, management on. Lucky Driver, where are YOU?"

0rdbus7 (48KB)

The Red-State-Tourney- mobile all ready to go...

0rdbus8 (76KB)

...and off to Duluth they go!

0rdbus9 (81KB)


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